Procurar no texto: Éoliennes et paysage: la politique éolienne entre politique de l’environnement et politique du paysage
Coordenador: Ana Isabel Neto Antunes Afonso
Investigadores Não Pertencentes ao CESNOVA:

This project is being carried out by an international and interdisciplinary working-team, that draws together anthropology, linguistics and social-economics. The generic goal of the project is to observe and analyze how wind energy is being planted and accepted in different European countries (case-studies taking place in Germany, France and Portugal) that have specific national traditions of developing this kind of energy production. We will be examining the impact of the emerging new landscapes of energy, especially those resulting from wind parks, aiming to identify the different groups interacting and understand how they balance the conflict between EU targets for the production of renewable energies and the social, cultural political and economic negotiations implicit in the process.

Grupos de Trabalho: GT3 - Mundos sociais, trajectórias e mobilidades,
Data de ínicio: 2006
Previsão de fim: 2009
Entidades Financiadoras:

Ministère de l’Écologie et du Développement Durable, France (Programme Paysage Et Développement Durable)


27 de Junho 2011

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