Procurar no texto: Dinámicas sociales y cambio histórico en sociedades rurales: El análisis de los grupos y las desigualdades sociales
Investigadores: Rui Manuel Leitão da Silva Santos
Investigadores Não Pertencentes ao CESNOVA:

Coordenador: Rosa Congost


The specific impoverishment and enrichment processes of certain groups are based on social change and are therefore at the centre of a region’s historical development. Those processes are the result of multiple individual actions, but reflect collective movements. This project’s objective is to describe and understand some of these processes, that also took place in rural societies often considered static. Their study requires the simultaneous analysis of social groups and economic inequalities from a dynamic perspective. We define social dynamics as the sum of elements of endogenous character (sometimes caused by exogenous elements) that have a role in a given society and can cause, among other things, notable changes in rent. It is because processes of enrichment and impoverishment within certain groups reflect some of the movements, that we propose their study as a way of analyzing social dynamics in the short, medium and long term. To explore this possibility, we will use both the regional history focus and the compared history perspective. Historical databases put together in former projects on Catalonia, the area of study of several group members, offers exceptional opportunities for the development of our new project, in fact the results thus far have inspired it. The group’s composition of researchers from different Spanish, European and Latin-American regions guarantees the necessary comparative history perspective. The project’s results can have a bearing on various international academic debates, some of which in the area of social and demographic history (such as topics associated with poverty, welfare, widowhood, migrations, proletarianization, or the birth of the middle classes), and others in the field of economic history (on one side classic debates over property rights, social inequalities, credit, and economic crises, and on the other modern debates such as those created by the concepts ‘industrious revolution’ and ‘great divergence’).

Grupos de Trabalho: GT1 - Modernidade Portuguesa e Sociologia Histórica Comparada,
Data de ínicio: 2008
Previsão de fim: 2011

Centre de Recerca d'História Rural de l'Institut de Recerca Histórica, Universitat de Girona

Entidades Financiadoras:

Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia de Espanha (HAR2008-02960/HIST)

13 de Setembro 2012

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