Procurar no texto: Global Warming and New Migratory Flows
Coordenador: Francisco Paulo Viana Lima da Costa
Investigadores Não Pertencentes ao CESNOVA:

The debate on environmental impacts of climate change reflects how new approaches to development are being envisaged. Some authors say that humanity faces unprecedented “human security” risks that could compromise human life in the planet, reinforcing the need to think about new strategies of sustainable development and new ethics of global responsibility. The United Nations Millennium Development Goals expresses similar concerns.
In this project we propose to study the interplay between climate change, population growth and new migratory flows. We are also concerned with the changes in land uses and the formation of new categories of migrants, such as “environmental refugees”. Besides demographic and economic issues, we acknowledge that political and institutional dynamics are also of relevance.

Grupos de Trabalho:
Data de ínicio: 2009
Previsão de fim: 2013


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Projecto de Pós-Doutoramento

Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia / Compromisso com a Ciência

18 de Dezembro 2012

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